Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Highlights!

This Christmas seems like it was one of the best and here are some of the reasons, in no particular order:

--Our annual baking day with Mom, Emily, Grandma, Uncle Paul, and Leah.

--Making a gingerbread house with Leah, a new tradition.

--Taking Leah to see Christmas lights, it really gets us in the Holiday Spirit

--Having Leah spend Christmas Eve with us this year (we usually only have her on Christmas morn)
--Seeing the love my family has for Leah, and knowing how lucky she is to have them, and we are to have her.
--Staying in my PJ's and watching my hubby and his brother play with his "new toys" for Christmas.
--Having a Rock Band (a video game) reunion with Michael and his brother.
--A mini-Haugen family reunion, at mom's and dad's.
--Michael taking 2 weeks off work, and getting to spend some quality time with him.
--Moses (the dog) and his new shoes.
Here are some pictures of the highlights: (most are also on Facebook!!)
Leah with Grandma Carol:
and with Grandpa Dan:

Mom and Grandma, ohhing and ahhing over their annual calendar gift:


Grandma loving her new slippers:

Leah "performing" for the Family on Christmas Eve:

Mom, with her family: Uncle Paul and Grandma:

Moses and his new shoes:

Leah's gingerbread house:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Michael and I finished up the Christmas shopping yesterday and I have vowed that next year I will do my shopping online! But while spending the day together, we were able to reflect a little bit on the past year and we are so thankful that even though it doesn't seem like it in the day to day, God has been really working in our lives! I still do not have a full time job that I can call mine, but I have hope for the new year, and will continue to sub as I get called. My schedule has allowed me to be there for Leah in times of need and in the fun times. One of the latest fun times was a Holiday Concert and Class Party at school.

Here she is getting ready to decorate some cookies with her class. She had a blast introducing me to her friends. The look of joy she had when I walked into the class just warmed my heart. She is just the sweetest kid I know! The next picture, she is just belting out the Christmas Carols!! It was way too cute!!

Here she is doing a "book exchange" with her classmates. They each got a book and while listening to a story they had to pass the book clockwise when the heard the word "bear" and "snow". I love her very genuine smile!! She is becoming such a great reader, so it was awesome to get a new book!!

Here is our Christmas tree. It is such a highlight for me to get the house decked out. I also love the feeling of knowing that all the shopping is done and all the gifts are wrapped. Now, I just get to relax!!

Michael has about 2 weeks off too, so we have the days ahead to relax and enjoy the season and each other and with Leah. She has been very, very interested in wanting to hang out with us and do what we're doing, and while sometimes it gets a little old we've committed to making the most of our time with the munchkin. We know that all too soon she'll be totally uninterested in doing anything with her family.
We pray that you and your family have a joyous Christmas season and take time to fully enjoy the season. We also pray that you have a healthy and prosperous New Year. Can you believe that it is 2010?? WOW!! We love each and every one of you!