Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday, Leah!!

Yesterday, we celebrated Leah's 6th birthday with a party at our house. With only 2 weeks left of kindergarten and Leah turning 6 there is no denying that our big girl is growing up!! We had a blast!! With water guns and soakem' squishy balls and bubbles galore, the kids had a blast. A super great idea I found was homemade ice cream the kids all made themselves. All you do is put milk and sugar in a small ziplock and put that in a big ziplock with ice and salt and shake shake shake! It is going to be our "go to" dessert of the super! Super fun and super easy!! The adults enjoyed the burgers and Rock Band! Here are so pictures of the day!! It was sooo fun!!

Leah and her friend Mason from school!!

Water Gun fun!!

The teacher in me going over the rules for the pinata!!

The birthday girl taking a whack!!

Collecting the loot!!
Blowing out the candle!!
We even decorated our own cupcakes!!
Our tied girl, opening presents!

Surprise, Dad!! Happy 60th!!

As you may or may not know, The McAllister's all celebrate their birthday's in May. My sister and I on May 2nd, my mom on May 16th and my dad on May 21st. This year my dad turned the big 6-0!! Last year, when he turned 59, my mom said that she wanted to throw a big bash for him for his 6oth. Then my sister got engaged and they had to pay for another wedding, 2 in one year! My dad told my mom to forget any type of party, since they had a wedding to plan. My mom could not let the year go by without celebration, so we had to go behind his back! Haha, dad!! My mom decided to have a dinner for him at Capone's, one of my dad's favorite resturants. It was on May 17th, the day after my mom's birthday. We told dad that we would take mom there for her birthday since we all had plans on her actual day. Michael and I went to the resturant, to greet everyone as they arrived. He was soooo surprised and it was a great night of friends and fellowship to celebrate my dad's birthday!! Below are pictures of the evening and all the great people who shared in the event!!

Just in case he forgot how old he was turning!!

My dad entering the resturant! (At first he thought we pulled off a party for my mom!!)

Mom and Dad, not looking a day over 59!!

Some of the McAllister Clan!

The Haugen's and Friends!

Work friends, and church friends!
The Spanish Travelers!!

Church Friends, too!!

More Church Friends!!

Farm Field Trip

May has been a busy month for us, and it began with a field trip to the farm with Leah's class. There were so many parents that wanted to go as chaperones, they had a lottery to draw names, and I got to go. The farm is the Underwood Family Farm in Moorpark. While we were there we got to see all sorts of animals, and pick our own vegetables. We got to pick lettuce, onions, celery carrots and beets. It was a unique opportunity for the students to see what the life of a farmer is like. Most agreed that it was hard work. Here are some pictures from the day:

This is Hrant, a boy in Leah's class, with a huge beet!! I love the look of amazement on Leah's face!
Leah and I waiting for the lesson in the "outdoor classroom". She was in a pretty silly mood!

Leah and I checking out a tractor on the farm!
They had these high rise walking planks for the goats to go from pen to pen! It was pretty cool!!

The munchy girl enjoying the farm!!

Leah's class with her teacher Mrs. Logan in the center! Of couse, Leah's the one on the left not looking at the camera, oh well!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring '09 Highlights!

We are thankfully getting settled in the new house and are enjoying life in the land of the living (Santa Clarita!!). This spring has been filled with a ton of fun and getting ready for the summer. I wanted to share a few pictures with you of the past few months. As the summer nears we pray that you and your family have a chance to stop and enjoy life. Here are some our highlights!

We had Emily's Bridal Shower. It was a great day where we got to honor Emily and Brian as they prepare for marriage! These are all the ladies who planned the shower and who will be a part of her big day!

Michael has been doing voiceover work, recording books on tape on the side. He has done 2 books already and we know the next one is right around the corner. We have a studio in our house that he uses and anyone who knows him knows he has the voice for it. Well, here it is, the first book. It is called "Unfashionable" by Tullian Tchividjian, Billy Graham's Grandson. This is is the book, packaged and ready to be sold. Notice that it says Narrated by Michael Koontz!! :)

Our neighborhood has two great parks and with the weather being as great as it's been, we have enjoyed them! We can walk/ride bikes to one and the other has great playground equipment! Even the dogs like it!!

Leah lost her first tooth!! Yay!!

Leah spent Easter with us and got to have an Easter Egg hunt at Grampa Dan's and Grandma Carol's. Here she is with her loot!!