Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yep, It's True...

I HAVE A JOB!!! A real live job that I get to go to and that will pay me!!!! I will be working as a Tutor for Autistic children in the Santa Clarita Valley. During my training I was astounded at what I learned about Autism. Did you know that it effects 1 in 90 children? It is a neurological disorder that has no cure and is life long. I cannot imagine what it would be like for a parent to have a normally functioning baby only to have your child regress and slowly end up in their own world. While there are no known cures for Autism, I will be working as an "interventionist" and teaching these children skills they can use to communicate with a program called Applied Behavior Analysis. This is the process of using positive reinforcement to have a child complete a desired task. That sounds really easy, but during the 3 days of training I had proved that it will be a challenge in that each child learns differently. I understand that it will be a challenging job but also equally rewarding. It may take 100 times asking the clients I teach to touch the cup, but the 1 time they do it will be soooo exciting! I officially start next week shadowing already employed Tutor's and hopefully the following week I'll start working with my own clients. The best part is that because I have a Master's Degree and experience as the Director of Education at Sylvan, I have the skills and education to potentially get promoted to Program Manager, which would be more of a coordinator position between parents, students and tutors. That's the job I originally applied for.

I am excited for the opportunity and looking forward to the challenge. I have been going quite awhile without work and while it will make for some different dynamics at home, both Michael and Leah are excited!! I am sure I'll have some crazy stories and some unique experiences!! God has blessed us and as usual, His timing is perfect!!