Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is Summer Really Over?

Here are pictures from the fair...I don't know why they won't go to the bottom of what I already posted, so don't miss it and read it when you're done enjoying the pictures!

Leah and a baby chick at the AV Fair!
Our Rock Climbing Champ!!

A HUGE slide...she loved it!!

The Koontz Clan!
Our little lemon girl!

I can't believe the summer is already went too fast. Leah is well into first grade, having been going a week. Homework is starting to come home and we already have a full September calendar of things to remember. I am also beginning a new chapter. I have just begun to get my special ed teaching credential through Cal State Northridge. As I began the process of applying and jumping though all the hoops of the application process, I was really wondering how it was going to all work out with Leah in school, Michael traveling for work fairly often and my working. As I began the registration process I found a class that was offered completley on-line. This is great beacuse I hope to get a full time job, either as a general ed teacher, or as a special ed intern. This program allows me to work as a special ed teacher while earning my credential, so I am praying that God will open the correct doors for that to happen. Now with textbook and syllabus in hand I am flooded with memories of the beginning new sememsters of school. It looks like a lot of work, but I am sure I'll be able to handle it. The glasses are dusted off and the tv is off, so I better get working!! For now, I am subbing in local school districts, and hope I will get called everyday. Even though it seems summer is over, we made time for one last summertime favorite. The AV Fair, in Lancaster. Leah talks about it all year, so how could we say no. Here are some highlights of the fun! Enjoy! Pray that soemthing amazing, job-wise, comes along!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Grade Already???

Today was Leah's first day of First Grade. We cannot believe that she is getting so big, so fast. We asked her was she liked best about first grade and she said that the 2 recesses are the best. We are hopeful that she will continue to be a good student and we know she'll do so well. Things are the job-hunt for me are still very slow. I was hoping to get a very cool job as a Resource teacher, but it seems that God has a new plan for me. I've been accepted into the Special Ed Credential program at Cal State Northridge, with the hopes that I can intern in a special ed class. The way things are going though makes me think that subbing will be my best bet for the fall sememster, and then put off the Credential program until the Spring semester. We are seeking the Lord's guidance in all of this and we are hoping that a door, or window, or a crack in the wall opens to allow me to work full time. We would love your prayers and support during this time. Sorry there are no pictures to add this time, but I'm sure we'll do something fun in the near future and I'll post them. Let's pray that I can post about a new job for me, too!! Love and hugs to you all!!