Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4th Annual Ski Weekend!!

It's that time of year time!!  Wahoo!!  We headed up to Bass Lake during President's Weekend so we could hit the slopes at Badger Pass in Yosemite!  We got to the cabin on Friday evening, and were met by my parents.  What a treat to get to the cabin and already have the heat on and all warmed up for us.  The weather was rainy at the cabin, and that means snow at Badger, yay!!  The weather at the cabin got worse and the form of thunder, lightening, sleet, hail and eventually snow.  We woke up to a few inches of fresh snow at the cabin.  The road report said that the road up to Badger Pass was temporarily closed, but we chanced it and headed up there.  As we arrived at the gate to Yosemite, we were turned away, the roads were closed.  What a bummer...but at least we had fresh snow at the cabin to play with.  We did a little sledding and Michael and Leah built an IGLOO!!  It was amazing. 

The next day we woke up to sun, and headed to the slopes again...this time we made it.  We got our skis on and were on our way to a great day.  We got Leah signed up for a lesson in the morning, and it ended up being a private lesson, and she did amazing.  We figured we'd get her into a lesson in the afternoon too, but she amazed us and was able to keep up with all of us!!  She has got it down!!  We are sooo proud of her.  Here are some pictures of the weekend!

The porch of the cabin

Leah found the air vent in the backseat of the car!!

The cabin, from the driveway

Sledding on the side of the house, yay!!

Our big girl, can you believe it?!?

The igloo Michael and Leah cool!!

The untouched snow waiting for us at Badger Pass!!  So glorious!!

Finally, we're on the lift, for our first run!!

Leah, on the slopes, so great!!

Leah and Papa!

Me and the Kiddo

Papa and the Kiddo

Grandma Carol and Grandpa Dan

Such a great day!!