Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Tooth Fairy, Love Leah!!

Here is a cute Leah-ism:  The Tooth Fairy came last night...she has come about 6 or 7 times now.  Or at least she has supposed to have come in the night, sometimes, she comes in the morning after Leah realizes "she forgot".  Somehow we can always make sure the kiddo gets her loot!  Anyway, last night The Tooth Fairy witnessed a first...she got a letter from Leah.  Here is a picture of it...

It is a little hard to read, but she basically asked why the tooth fairy comes at night, and if she has lost her teeth, too.  My favorite line is "I bet your so pretty your brighter than a twinkling star."  I love it!!  She went onto say that she is 7 1/2, and in 2nd grade and that she lost her tooth at school.  And she signed it Write Back Soon, and signed her name in "cursive"!! 
Well, how could I (I mean the Tooth Fairy) not write back!  I wish I had a copy of what I wrote but Leah took it to school to show her friends, and now she's at her mom's!  It basically said that the Tooth Fairy comes at night because she is so busy, she always just ends up in CA at night.  Also, that the Tooth Fairy is soo old, she can't keep track, but she did pick up her mom and dad's teeth too.  It was pretty cute and I think that Leah was more excited about the letter than the $1 the Tooth Fairy actually left.  The best part is Leah decided to write the letter all on her own, and she taped it to the outside of her door.  I love that little kiddo!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!

I cannot believe that it is April and Leah is on Spring Break.  We've been busy with and work and trying to work some fun in on the weekends. 

**Our first adventure was a trip Leah and I took to Downtown Disney for a Jr. High Reunion for me with my two besties from that time.  Thanks to Facebook and our ability to know what's going on already, it was a great time to catch-up in person and meet each other's kiddos.  Our course, Leah hit it off with Lauren's daughter, Elisa.  Here they are at Downtown Disney. 

Me and my munchkin...waiting for dinner!

The 3's been 17 years...Ashley, Lauren and Me!!

**This whole school year, Leah and I go to Awana every Monday night.  I am a leader of a "Cubbie" classroom, a group of 6 3 year old girls...a huge commitment.  Leah has loved every minute of being a "Sparky" and I have really seen her relationship and understanding of Jesus grow this year.  It makes my heart swell with pride to see her come into her own.  

Here is Leah and I ready for Wacky Hair Night at Awana... 
I did Leah's hair and she did mine...
are we crazy or what??

Here she is, ready to go. 

**Last weekend, we went to our first pro Hockey game.  We saw the LA Kings play (and beat!) the Dallas Stars.  I guess it was a pretty important game.  If the Stars won then the Kings may have not made it to the Playoffs...but we don't have to worry about that now!!

Me and Michael

The best picture of Leah I got all day...she was in a very, very silly mood...all the shouting of "Let's Go Kings" really got her going!!

The LA Kings!!  (love our nose-bleed seats??!!)

The Zambonies!!

Look at that!!  Kings Win!!

So far our spring is off to a good start and with the warmer weather, it is only just beginning....can't wait to see what else awaits us!!