Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Highlights

This summer has been a very eventful one for the Koontz clan! Leah has been in day camp and has been going, going and going! We started out with swimming lessons and she has since become a little fish. Michael and I had a chance to do a great date night with some friends of ours at the Hollywood Bowl. We saw "The Art of Song" with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Michael Feinstein and Jewel. The best part were the fireworks at the end. We had a wonderful picnic and a great time! This past weekend, we went up to Bass Lake with my parents and Emily and Brian. We brought the dogs and they had a blast swimming...even Charley, mom and dad's dog. He finally figured it out. We can't believe our summer is coming to a close but here are some photos for you to enjoy...
Moses, our Belgian-Malinois/Boxer Mix, loves the water

Charley and Moses are new best friends

Leah is ready to use her new snorkel gear!

Jewel sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the Hollywood Bowl, it was great!

Picture Perfect Sunset at the Hollywood Bowl!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independance Day!!

For the Fourth of July weekend, The Koontz Clan, dogs and all, went up to the Lake with our friends Kari and Anthony. We had a very relaxing time enjoying the lake, good food and awesome weather! Leah was our little water baby who did not want to get out of the water. This is the same kid, who 3 weeks ago at the beginning of swimming lessons, was too terrified to jump into the pool. It is amazing how a little confidence can go a long way. Leah is the joy of our lives, and I am so excited to share these photos with you. I wish I could take credit for taking all of them, but Kari took most of them and she was able to capture true "Leah" joy!! Thanks Kari!!

I took this one of the munch jumping off the dock!

Even the dogs were along for the ride!
Kari captured the joy of Leah being thrown into the Lake!

Yummy Cherries...all over her!!

Come on in, the water's fine!!

Ready to go fishing, this time with a floating fishing pole!!
Biola Babes!!
Total Joy!!! Leah is in heaven!!

Wishing she could drive the boat...she was bummed it was docked!!
Awaiting the fireworks!!