Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Latest...

It has been way too long since I've posted anything, and now, here it is October 2nd, and I have a lot to catch you up on.  Here are a few highlights:

-Leah is now a 2nd grader and is at the top of her class in all areas.  We had Parent-Teacher conferences last week, and I wasn't surprised about what the teacher had to say.  Mrs. Gibbs is a great teacher and has really figured out Leah, and how to make her the best student she can be.  The best part of 2nd grade is that I get to be a room-mom every Monday for a few hours.  Her teacher knows that I used to teach 2nd grade, so she has decided to utilize my talents and have me work one-on-one with kids who need a little extra attention.  It is good to be back in that role as "teacher".

-Leah and I also started Awana at our church.  Awana is a group at our church that helps kids grow up spiritually and become closer with God.  It is for kids who are 3 all the way through High School.  Leah is a Spark, and gets to memorize verses each week to earn badges and points for her group.  So far she is loving it and gets very excited about going each week.  While she is in her class, I somehow managed to become a table leader for the Cubbies, the 3 year olds!!  Holy Moly!!  They are a blast, but keep me on my toes.  Needless to stay, our Monday nights are busy, but so rewarding!

-Ever since I met Leah, I've always wanted to go apple picking in Julian or Oak Glen.  Every fall, I plan on going but run out of time.  So this year, we picked what ended up being the hottest weekend and headed to Bakersfield, to Murray Family Farms where we went to a U-Pick Orchard.  We picked pluots, a cross between apricots and plums, peaches, nectarines, pears and pomegranates.  It was great!!  No apples in the bunch but in my minds eyes, I picture it being chilly while picking apples and then sipping hot apple cider, so maybe next year we'll head to Oak Glen after all.  Here are few pictures of our day:

Leah, 4 feet tall

Me and Michael...a new favorite picture

Our Leah Love Bug

Beautiful Flowers

On a hay ride, ready to pick

Waiting for the hay ride to take us to the next orchard

The BIGGEST peaches I've ever seen, about a pound each!!


Our Loot!!

-A couple months ago, Leah told Michael that she wanted to have a business to earn money.  After a week or so of thinking about it, she decided that she wanted to buy chips and sodas and then take them to a local park and sell them to kids playing there.  She and Michael went to Smart and Final where Michael invested $24 in the goods.  She sold chips and sodas for a $1 a piece, or $1.50 for one of each.  After she found the perfect spot she easily raked in $25.  She was all set to go and spend it until Michale reminded her that he had invested $24 that she would have to pay back to him.  Not to go home without a profit, she stuck it out and sold the rest for a profit of about $15.  She was so excited that her idea paid off.  And combined with allowance she was able to buy a Pillow Pet!!  A purple unicorn she's been wanting for a long time.  Now every time she gets allowance she thinks about what she can save for instead of blowing through it at the $1 bins at Target.  We are so proud of her for setting out to make a buck all on her own!!  Can you say future CEO!!

Hopefully the next post will come a bit sooner!!