Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Highlights!

I can't believe that it is already November, and that Halloween and half of the Fall is already behind us.  We are gearing up for Thanksgiving, and the Holidays, and I have a feeling it will 2011 before we know it.  We've been busy with work, school and the normal day to day stuff, and we've survived the heat wave both October and November have brought us.  We're hoping for cooler weather in the coming day.  Here are a few photos that have captured some of what we've been up to. 
Every October, we go to Lombardi Ranch, a great pumpkin patch near our house with the whole Koontz clan.  Grandpa Fireman and Grandma Linda get the grandkids pumpkins, treat them to a few attractions, and then we all go to lunch.  To me, it marks the beginning of the holiday traditions.  This year was just like the others, with the girls picking pumpkins, and Grandpa Fireman talking to the Turkey.  Here is a great shot of Leah!!

The cousins, Taylor and Leah.

Leah, playing the pumpkin drums. 

For Halloween this year, we went to Michael's sister's house for a little mini block party.  They gathered all the little girls that live on the street for dinner and then trick or treating.  Michael and I had to get into the spirit of things, and dressed up, too.  He is a 1920's gangster, and I'm a 1920's Flapper.  It was fun to really get into the spirit of Halloween.  Usually, I stay home and pass out candy.  This year was definitely better than the last few!!  

Leah as a Leopard, and Taylor as an Eskimo.

 The Saturday before Halloween, we got together with some friends and carved pumpkins.  This is Leah's (although Michael carved it!!) a really scary werewolf!!  Very cool!!

Fall has come in our neighborhood.  With the winds that have joined our heat wave it has been "raining" leaves for the past few days, so Leah decided to rake them into a pile and jump into them.  It was very cute how much she enjoyed them.  For me, seeing the innocence of such a simple way of having fun totally made the moment.  Here are a few pictures of that.