Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Madness!!

So, not that March Madness, I don't really care about basketball...the March Madness I'm talking about is the fact that the last day of March is tomorrow, and I can't believe it!! I feel like this month just flew by and left me in the dust. The sad thing is that we haven't been up to much. I have been working, working and working. It is been an adjustment to really "know" what I'm doing, but so far, I feel like I've got it down. I am continuously blown away at how loving, funny, capable, smart, and delightful my clients have been. I am currently working with 3 different families and I am amazed at the lengths they will go to do make sure their child is successful. Autism is still a "mystery" to so many, but now that I am "in" it, I can see the advances that have been made and am excited to see what the future holds for all these kids. Although my work hours are spaced out throughout the day and a little different each day, I find that my job is very tiring...not only physically, but emotionally. There are some days I feel like I could just fall over. I do have some spare time and lately I've been trying new recipes and trying to find healthy food for my family to enjoy...Hawaii is only 10 weeks away...got to get that beach body ready!! :)

Michael has been busy with work, too and Leah has been busy with being a first grader. She is an excellent reader and is actually reading at a higher level. Her teacher is pretty impressed with her ability to comprehend above grade level work. Her teacher is a very good teacher and we feel blessed that Leah has the opportunity to be at such a top-rate school in Santa Clarita.

Earlier this week, Leah was awarded with a Language Arts award at school. My mom was so proud of Leah, that she came up to see the little award ceremony. She feels it is important for Leah to have her support and that Leah will know it is always a big deal and a good thing to do well in school. Here are few pictures my mom took of the day:

Leah out front, ready to go to school...also sporting a new haircut!!

Leah with her Award!! Go Leah!!
And this one, I had to include. Even though she is our "big girl", she still is such a little girl with her backpack half as big as she is!!

We hope that you and your families have a fantastic "Spring" and have a very happy Easter, as we celebrate that fact that He is Risen!! Love to you all!!