Sunday, August 21, 2011

The End of Summer...

At the beginning of August, I took a week off work for a little "stay-cation" and cabin fun.  It was a great opportunity to spend a little time with Leah, and relax at Bass Lake with my parents!  Best part of the week, was not working!!  Ahhh...

Here are some highlights of the last month...

Leah and I went to a new beach in Ventura, and were able to enjoy the sun and the surf.  Although, I think Leah liked the sand crabs the best.  After a week in Hawaii last summer, she had no fear of the waves and was in them the minute we arrived.  We went with the Koscheski's, and she had a blast with Luke and Emma.  Day 1 of my "stay-cation" was awesome!!

Day 2 of my "stay-cation" I took Leah to Color Me Mine and she painted a cute little doggy.  That day was filled with fun and painting and a little Monopoly playing.  It was a fun little Laura-Leah day!!

The rest of the week was at Bass Lake with my parents.  It was beautiful as always, and we had some good times and good food!!  :)

Paula Deen's Blackberry Pie...sooo good.  Here is the recipe,( minus the tapioca and the blackbirds!!)

And here is our Middle Eastern is the recipe, only we used zucchini instead of eggplant!

And as usual, we went to the AV Fair...Leah's 8th year!!  It was a great day filled with food, fun and rides.  And like every year, here is our obligatory family photo!!  Love my little family and we are looking forward to what the future holds for all of us, especially since Leah is now a big 3rd grader!!  Can't believe our girl is so grown up.  The fair was a great way to end our summer and get ready to gear up for the fall!!

Minnesota, Don'tcha Know...

So, back in July, just over a month ago, some Southern Californians invaded Minnesota for the wedding of our good friends, Kari Pugh and Anthony Messina.  For me, it was a mini vacation and a chance to really have fun with my parents, and all my besties!  My dad's dad grew up in the area, near Minneapolis, and it was great to see where he grew up and where Kari hails from!  Knowing Kari, (from Biola) for 13 years it was great to finally see where she's from and I definitely know why she loves "home" so much.  I was happy to be apart of the celebration.  Here are some of my favorite photos of the weekend!!

Me at the Scandinavian Store!!

Dan and Me getting back to our roots!!  

It was a bit rainy, but it didn't stop us from sight seeing!!

Great view during the rehearsal dinner cruise!

Biola babes on a dinner cruise!!

Biola Babes with the Bride...and photo-bombed by the groom!

Mr. and Mrs. Messina